The "Black 5"

This page is dedicated to information, updates and pictures for the Ellis Clark Trains finescale O gauge Black 5.

This is the best place to keep up to date on news, project status, and if you scroll further down the page, information on liveries, running years, running numbers and so on.

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UPDATE - 01/11/19, New Limited Edition Model

Early BR Lined Black '45428'

This particular model is one of a very limited run of just 50 pieces finished in Late BR lined black with the running number 45428.

This model represents the locomotive that features in the painting that we had commissioned by Alan Gunston, and will feature a hand signed print of that very painting.


DC/DCC ready - £999

DCC Sound & Synchro Smoke - £1,249

A Little History

842 Black 5’s were built between the years of 1935 and 1945, beginning life in LMS livery and finishing in plain BR black with 18 locomotives in preservation today. 

Stanier’s two cylinder Class 5’s were renowned for their versatile “go anywhere, do anything” nature, making them the perfect locomotive for most layouts.

Our model will cover the long firebox version from the batch of 227 locomotives built by Armstrong Whitworth in 1936/7.

This, the biggest single order of Black 5 locomotives ordered by the LMS, was arguably the most uniform and successful of all the batches, with 7 being preserved including No. 5428 “Eric Treacy”, which can be found running on the North York Moors Railway.

Our Model

This model, produced by and available exclusively through ourselves, boasts a very impressive specification.

The majority of the model will be constructed from super detailed die-cast with some detailing parts in brass, plastic, and even some copper piping.

The locomotive has been carefully researched and designed using original works drawings, preserved examples, books, and pictures of the locomotive in original running condition.

To ensure this model meets our high standards we will be fitting all with state of the art ABC gearboxes, Maxon motors, and for the DCC models, a bespoke Zimo sound & smoke system.

RRP:£949 for DC/DCC Ready variants or £1,199 for the DCC Sound/Synchro Smoke models

Release date:Q4 2021


  • Super detailed die-cast construction
  • Genuine ABC Helical Gearbox - built, fitted and tested in the UK
  • Maxon motor with ball bearing racers
  • Super detailed cab
  • Compensating axles
  • Removable working loco lamps
  • Firebox glow
  • DCC ready


  • Zimo MX699 Decoder
  • Boom box double speaker (located in the loco)
  • Synchronised sound and smoke
  • Zimo exclusive sound project with 20+ functions


Cad Drawings