Thompson Coaches

Huge Project Update June 2020

We've just posted a news article outlining all the project updates, plus a new release date.

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UPDATE 15/12/19 - Numbered Coaches & Final Production List

For the first time since teaming up with Darstaed, we are now offering each coach with the option of a factory installed running number.

Below is a comprehensive table which covers all the coach types, liveries and running numbers which we are producing.

UPDATE 01/11/19 - 'The Elizabethan' Express

We are proud to announce that we will be producing a very limited run of Elizabethan coach sets (11 coaches in a set).

The rake represents the London to Edinburgh service which ran from around 1953 in BR Crimson & Cream livery.

These coaches are not just standard Thompsons added together to create a large rake: Instead, we are actually making a number of changes to the detailing. Due to The Elizabethan Express being a high speed express service, the coaches had their sides or 'fairings' extended over the solebars to create a 'streamlined' appearance. Not only that, but the coaches were also fitted with pressure ventilation (to most, with the exception of the BG), and, due to the extra weight,  8' 6" heavyweight bogies. These are all details that we will be reproducing for this set.

We have modelled this rake based upon that seen in the British Transport Film 'The Elizabethan Express' and as was common, they mixed a couple of standard Thompson coaches in and among the 'streamlined' versions to make up a full train.

The set comprises of the following:

Price - This limited edition set is priced at £2,449, with our usual approach to pre-orders (ie. no deposits or upfront payments required).

Release Date - We are currently expecting the first of the coaches to be available in Q2/3 of 2020.

Numbering - Coaches will all come pre-numbered.


A Little History

During the war, it was evident to all the big four companies, the LNER included, that new post-war coaching stock would be needed to replace the vehicles that were in need of withdrawal.

It was in 1944 that a memo was passed on to the emergency board of directors, outlining the amount of coaches that were due for withdrawal, totalling over 2,500 vehicles.

That same year a 3 year coach building programme (CBP) of 4,600 vehicles was approved, and was to include both vestibule (mainline) and non-vestibule (suburban) coaches.

However, due to both a lack of materials, and postwar constraints, the CBP was adjusted to take place over five years between 1946 and 1951, with 3,400 vehicles built by contractors.

With the formation of BR

in 1948 the stock built by the LNER was adopted into BR general and express services, with many of these coaches still in preservation today.


Simulated Teak, 1946 - 52/3

The first of Thompson's coaches were completed in 1946, and as had been instructed they were painted in the 'Simulated' teak livery. This was in a bid to retain the prestigious look of the wooden 'Gresleys' which the Thompsons were to replace.

The finish divided opinion, and when BR adopted the LNER coaching stock in 1948, they eventually decided upon using the popular 'Crimson & Cream' livery for their coaching stock. All coaches were eventually repainted into this livery, however it was by no means a priority, and so many remained in the teak livery as late as 1952.

Crimson & Cream, 1949 - 1956

The first 'Thompson' coaches appeared in Crimson & Cream in 1949, with a small number never even receiving the teak finish. This livery was used up to 1956 (and possibly slightly later), when BR decided to overhaul all it's coaching stock, repainting most of it into lined maroon. It is very possible however, that many coaches remained in Crimson & Cream livery for quite some time after 1956.

Lined Maroon, 1956 onwards

The final livery which all coaches received was lined maroon, which was used until BR began scrapping its Big 4 coaching stock. Having said this, many of the full brake coaches survived to be painted in full blue livery. It was also very common to see Thompson coaches mixed in with rakes of Mk1s, both in Lined Maroon, Crimson & Cream, and a combination of the two.

Our Models

Our coaches will represent the post war stock built on the 63ft chassis with round toilet windows (where applicable), alongside the Elizabethan stock as it was in the Crimson & Cream livery.


Release date:Q4 2020/Q1 2021


  • Finely detailed brass sides - professionally painted and lined
  • Brass luggage racks
  • Fully detailed die-cast under-frame
  • Super detailed interiors with installed lighting
  • Compensated die-cast bogies
  • Super detailed door hinges
  • Magnetic coupling corridor connectors
  • Capable of running on Peco 2nd radius curves
  • Brake ends and full brakes with detachable plug in rear light
  • Sprung buffers
  • Sheet of waterslide transfers
  • Kadee couplings fitted as standard - link couplings available separately

Available Versions