Weathering & Customising Services


This listing covers all the services available in-house, which can be applied to any Darstaed product, and some of our upcoming Ellis Clark Trains products (we're still figuring out prices on Wickhams/Presflos).


1. First, choose the product type you would like customising (for example, If you would like Mk1 Suburban coaches customising, choose 'Mk1 Suburbans' from the drop down menu.

2. Once the product type is selected, you can then choose the service type from the blocks to the right hand side of this listing.

2. Once selected, choose the quantity you require. For example, if you would like four Mk1 Suburban coaches weathering and numbering select Weathering & Numbering, then change the quantity to four.

3. Once you have selected this, simply click add to basket.

4. To add more services, simply follow these steps again.

5. Once you have all the services required in your basket, click 'CHECKOUT' and in the notes section at the checkout, please add as much detail as possible for how you would like your items finishing. You can also email Neil at neil@ellisclarktrains.com with your requirements or further notes.


See price list below. Please note, you will not be charged upfront for services ordered on pre-order items, like the item pre-ordered, we will only take payment once the item is in stock

Item Price per Model
Darstaed Thompson Coaches
Custom weathering & numbering £30.00
Custom numbering £10.00
Darstaed Mk1 Suburban Coaches
Custom numbering £10.00
Custom weathering & numbering £30.00
Hinge detailing pack fitting £10.00
Weathering, numbering and hinge detailing pack fitted £35.00
Darstaed Mk1 Mainline Coaches
Custom numbering £10.00
Custom weathering & numbering £30.00
Darstaed Black 5
Custom weathering £60.00
Custom numbering £20.00
Darstaed Wagons
Custom weathering £20.00



No extra cost for shipping when ordering a service for one of our products

Current Lead Time

The current lead time for weathering is around 4-6 weeks.