Weathering & Customising Services


This listing covers all the services available in-house, which can be applied to any Darstaed product, and some of our upcoming Ellis Clark Trains products (we're still figuring out prices on Wickhams/Presflos).

Neil's Weathering

What makes Neil's weathering special?

Neil, who does all our in-house weathering, has been with the Ellis Clark Trains family since September 2019.

He has grown quite the reputation for 'going the extra mile' and producing some stunning customised items (many of which can be seen on our gallery page, click HERE).

Every weathering job which Neil undertakes is what we would call 'bespoke' and is certainly not just a simple 'blow over'.

When you purchase an item and add weathering to it, you can expect some, or all, of the following (dependant on whether you want a 'light', 'medium' or 'heavy' weathered finish):

Body weathering

Chassis weathering

Oil marks around axle boxes

Rust effect to bogies, brakes, wheels etc…

Buffer marking

Imitation of steam marking to the top of steam locos

Light weathering to the roof

Realistic coal fitted with overspill and more...

You can request a specific finish by adding instructions to the 'Notes' section of your order, or alternatively, and as most do, you can give a simple instruction such as 'end of steam' or light, medium, heavily weathered and Neil will do what we call a 'Neil Special'!

What our Levels of weathering mean...


Weathered Underframes

Cement Dusting on top

Buffer heads weathered


Weathered Underframes

Greased axle boxes

Buffer heads weathered

Heavier cement deposits, some of which run down the hopper onto the chassis


Weathered Underframes

Greased axle boxes

Buffer heads weathered

Heavy cement deposits, many of which run down the hopper onto the chassis


1. First, choose the product type you would like customising (for example, If you would like Mk1 Suburban coaches customising, choose 'Mk1 Suburbans' from the drop-down menu.

2. Once the product type is selected, you can then choose the service type from the blocks to the right-hand side of this listing.

2. Once selected, choose the quantity you require. For example, if you would like four Mk1 Suburban coaches weathering and numbering select Weathering & Numbering, then change the quantity to four.

3. Once you have selected this, simply click add to basket.

4. To add more services, simply follow these steps again.

5a. Once you have all the services required in your basket, click 'CHECKOUT' and in the notes section at the checkout, fill out the following:

1. Finish (write one):




Very Heavy

2. Custom Notes:

Usually, Neil would weather according to real-life pictures and so if choosing one of the above finishes, it will be done as such. However, if you do have any special requests, or have a picture you would like to provide to us, then you can add these custom notes here, or email them to amey@ellisclarktrains.com

3. Running Numbers (only if having your item numbered):

Running Number or you can ask us to choose a running number for you. If you would like us to choose a running number and you know which region/era you would like your model running in, please let us know this.

You can also email Amey at amey@ellisclarktrains.com with your requirements or further notes, or call us on 01756 701451


See the price list below. Please note, you will not be charged upfront for services ordered on pre-order items, like the item pre-ordered, we will only take payment once the item is in stock.


No extra cost for shipping when ordering a service for one of our products

Current Lead Time

The current lead time for weathering is around 8 - 10 weeks.