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Available for pre-order are the eagerly anticipated BR 57' Mk1 Suburban coaches, produced by Darstaed and exclusively for sale through ourselves.

These newly tooled coaches will be priced at £169 and are available to pre-order through the website, by email or over the phone with no deposits or upfront payments necessary.

We are currently expecting the first of the coaches to be available June 2019

These coaches will be available from ourselves in maroon (lined and unlined), crimson, and blue.

The following coach types will be available to order:

Brake Second (BS) - Second class compartments with brake end

BR Maroon (Lined) - D23-1-1

BR Maroon (Un-lined) - D23-2-1

BR Crimson - D23-3-1

BR Blue - D23-4-1


Composite with lavatory (CL) 1st/3rd with corridor and lavatory

BR Maroon (Lined) - D23-1-2

BR Maroon (Un-lined) - D23-2-2

BR Crimson - D23-3-2

BR Blue - D23-4-2


Second (S) - Second class compartments

BR Maroon (Lined) - D23-1-3

BR Maroon (Un-lined) - D23-2-3

BR Crimson - D23-3-3

BR Blue - D23-4-3


Composite (C) - 1st/3rd with corridor

BR Maroon (Lined) - D23-1-4

BR Maroon (Un-lined) - D23-2-4

BR Crimson - D23-3-4

BR Blue - D23-4-4


Open Second (SO)

BR Maroon (Lined) - D23-1-5

BR Maroon (Un-lined) - D23-2-5

BR Crimson - D23-3-5

BR Blue - D23-4-5


Open Second with lavatory (SLO)

BR Maroon (Lined) - D23-1-6

BR Maroon (Un-lined) - D23-2-6

BR Crimson - D23-3-6

BR Blue - D23-4-6

These coaches will be available at a price of £169 each.

To pre-order please select your desired quantity and follow the on screen checkout instructions (please select 'pre-order postage' when pre-ordering).

Please make sure to enter your email address and phone number so we can easily get in touch to complete the order once your coach(es) have arrived with us.

These coaches come with a very impressive specification list and still only cost £169 each! See below for all details:

New Feature: These coaches will now come with a pack of super detailed plastic painted hinges. These will have the shape of the brass hinge inset on the reverse side, and will allow you, with a small amount of glue, to attach them over the standard brass hinges.

Brass luggage racks

Scale length with full finescale detailing

Finely detailed brass sides - professionally painted

Coach ends and roofs in finely detailed plastic

Fully detailed die-cast under-frame

Sprung link couplings - easily changed for other coupling types

Super detailed interiors with lighting

Brand new die-cast Mk1 bogies with scale wheels

Capable of running on Peco 40.5" track

Sprung metal buffers

Brake Ends and Full Brakes with detachable working (plug in) rear light.

Finescale wheels fitted (According to GOG and NEM 310 specifications)

Also included will be a sheet of prototypical running numbers for you to apply as you see fit.

On all Darstaed products we can offer a professional weathering/numbering service. This is typically priced at £30 per coach for custom weathering and numbering. For more details or to place a pre-order with weathering on top please call the office on 01756 701451.

If you would like the hinge detailing pack to be pre-installed, this service is available for an extra £10.

We anticipate the lead time on these services will be anything up to three weeks, once the coaches are in stock.

Passengers as shown in the pictures have been supplied painted by Omen Miniatures, for ordering please call Omen Miniatures on 07812 983313.

UK - For orders of single coaches we charge £4.00 for Royal Mail 48 Tracked delivery. For orders of two or more coaches delivery is free.

International - For orders of single coaches we charge £15.00 for Royal Mail International postage. Orders of two or more coaches will have to be shipped with other couriers, and so will be charged at cost

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