12 x Darstaed Mix and Match Coaches + Set Boxes, Lubricator & £75 Voucher

How does this bundle work?

So that you can get the price of either £165 for Suburbans & BGs or £185 for mainline Mk1s, we have created this bundle as a 'mix and match' bundle.

For example, you could choose:

3 Mk1 Suburbans at £165 each

1 BG at £165 each and,

8 Mainline Mk1s at £185 each

You will get your eight chosen coaches in three of our 4-pack foam-lined presentation boxes, alongside a complimentary Gaugemaster Precision Lubricator and a £75 voucher to spend with ourselves, with no minimum spend!

Bundle Instructions

Simply click 'Add' on the twelve coaches you would like in your bundle.

If you want to change a coach, click the '-' button next to the un-wanted coach, and re-select it's replacement.

Once you have selected your twelve coaches, scroll down and click 'Add Bundle to Cart', located at the bottom of the page.

The discount will automatically be applied to the bundle.