7mm Finescale O Gauge Kit Built SR Q1 Class 0-6-0 'C29' Weathered

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This is a truly fantastic model of an SR Q1 locomotive, built and painted to a very good standard and then weathered to a reasonably good standard.

The above has all been done from a highly detailed brass kit.

It features sprung buffers and couplings, some interior cab detailing, realistic coal, tender and loco pick-ups through an ingenious loco/tender connection and has been fitted with head codes/

The model is in very good condition, with some minor paint-chips here and there, mainly the the rear cab, and with a couple of the buffers stuck fast.

The Q1 has been fitted with a system to articulate the front two driving wheels, alongside being fitted with a Canon motor and a Premier components gearbox (or similar) this makes for a fantastic runner

Superb smooth runner - could do with some foam or tape to stop the motor from moving when running from a stand-still.

Will be supplied in a bespoke Ellis Clark Trains foam-lined locomotive box.

Our reference: 20-029