Aster Gauge 1 Live Steam AD-60 Beyer Garratt

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Aster Gauge 1 Live Steam AD-60 Beyer Garratt

Collection Description

We have recently purchased an impressive single owner collection of Aster locomotives, the majority of which would be considered to be in mint condition, having served as display models only.

All models unless stated otherwise are complete with original boxes/packaging, paperwork and accessories.

Our reference: ECT405-509

Fact File

Method of Power: Live Steam

Kit or Factory Built: Factory

Steamed?: Appears to have been used on a handful of occasions, but very well cared for

Build Number: 067

Build Year: 1993

Fuel: Methylated spirits


Excellent condition.

The model appears to have been used on a handful of occasions, but conscientiously  cared for. The main discrepancy is a small paint chip on the top inside rim of the chimney

Due to being on display on shelves, the models did come with a few years worth of dust. We have cleaned them down, however if there appears to be any imperfections to the paintwork in the pictures, it will most likely be where some dust has been missed.


Pressure Gauge

Water Gauge

Sprung axle boxes

Axle pump

Water tank

Track Test

As the loco has never been steamed before, we have left it as such.

We have no reason to believe the model will not run, but will also include with the sale a 6 month mechanical warranty.

Sale Includes

ECT (Ellis Clark Trains) 6 Month warranty, including signed warranty card


Large wooden carrying box with handles

Original Paperwork


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