6 x Darstaed 57ft Mk1 Suburbans for £990

You can now buy 6 of our superb Darstaed Mk1 Suburbans for only £990!

From this, you can make up a stereotypical 6 coach train such as the departure from Moorgate in 1976, which comprised of 5 second class comparment coaches (S) and one Brake Second (BS).

If you wish to order more than 6 coaches, you will still receive this discount (£165 a coach). To do this, simply continue to add more coaches to the bundle.

How to use this bundle:

1. Click 'Add' on 6 or more coaches

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it will show you what the bundle comprises of. 

Note: you can add more than one of the same variant, simply click the '+' button to the right of any product 'Add' button, to remove a coach, simply click the '-' button.

3. When you have completed your selection simply click 'add bundle to cart' at the bottom of the page.

Note: if you are UK based, this purchase will have free shipping. For overseas customers, click 'checkout' and enter your address details. This will then give you a postage cost before completing your purchase