DCC Concepts Ultimate Turnout Control Pack

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DCC Concepts Ultimate Turnout Control Pack

Reference: DCD-UTC


The ultimate turnout control pack contains everything you need to motorise and control 12 points on your layout.

The contents of this pack create a separate control circuit (or “bus”) for the turnout motors, meaning that no matter what system you use for controlling your trains this will work perfectly! DC, DCC, AC, 3-rail – all are compatible with this system.

All you need to add is some wire to take the control circuit around your layout.

Pack contents

1x Alpha Central Integrated 12-Way Switch (DCD-AEC)
1x Alpha DCC Power Bus Driver (DCD-SNX)
1x 12v Power Supply (DCP-12.3)
1x 12-Pack of Cobalt iP Digital Turnout Motors (DCP-CB12DiP)

Full instructions are included.


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