Ellis Clark Trains E3001U Finescale O Gauge Presflo Wagon 'CEMENT' 'Un-numbered', Bauxite (Pre-order)

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Ellis Clark Trains are proud to announce the production of a range of finescale O gauge presflo wagons!

An extremely exciting project and one we have been working on for some time now, this is also our first release solely under the Ellis Clark Trains brand.

As I'm sure you can see from our CAD images, we have left nothing to the imagination when it comes to the detail. Everything has been carefully and thoroughly researched and designed from the ground up.

We are happy to announce a retail price on these wagons of £69.99, with no upfront payments or deposits!

This particular example represents a BR Bauxite brown version lettered 'CEMENT', and is un-numbered.

As with all our un-numbered wagons, you will receive a transfer sheet including multiple choices of ready made running numbers, plus an alphabet of numbers and prefixes to make any combination possible.

Looking for the latest information, project updates and news?

As our projects constantly receive updates, samples and new information, we thought it would be easier to dedicate a page for each project, where all updates can be logged.

For the 'Presflo' project page, click HERE.

Expected Release: See the 'Presflo' project page, or click HERE.

Price: £69.99 (payment taken once in stock)

Bundle Buy Options:  £67 each when buying 5 - 7 wagons, or £65 each when buying 8 or more


Super-fine detailing throughout

Carefully researched and designed using original drawings and dimensions, cross referenced with pictures of original and rebuilt wagons.

Super-fine pipework, handles and small detailed parts in plastic and metal

Die-cast chassis

Sprung buffers

3-link couplings

Sprung axle boxes

Will run on Peco 2nd radius curves (1028mm)

Sale Includes

One wagon, supplied in a stylishly packaged box with paperwork and instructions

Postage & Dispatch

As with all our pre-order products, we do not charge any upfront costs or postage costs.

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