Fulgurex O Gauge SBB-CFF Food Carriage No.2, and Gepackwagen'18533'

These exemplary coaches come from Fulgurex and embody the commitment to quality and accuracy that the brand is known for.

Our reference: 127-013

High quality brass construction

Exquisite detailing throughout

Sprung bogies and individually sprung wheels

Opening doors

Superb corridor connectors which are sprung and which can be neatly pinned back in to place with some lovely detailing.

Sprung buffers and couplings 

99.9% mint condition - having been lightly run. Some of the box's foam is disintegrating and so may have to be brushed off the models every so often.

They will both be supplied in their original boxes which are in excellent condition. The interior foam is disintegrating though, and may need to be replaced soon.