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Heljan Finescale O Gauge Class 51xx GWR Prairie Tank Locomotive No.5184, DCC Sound

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To the design of Charles Collett Swindon Works was responsible for the production of the 51xx class of tank Locomotives.  Here we have the Heljan model of the type numbered as '5184', complete with DCC Sound.  New in 1931 this particular loco survived until 1964, being withdrawn from its last shed, Gloucester Horton Road.

Fact File

Our Ref



Finescale O Gauge



Drive Train

Factory Fitted Motor & Gearbox


DCC, Loksound 4XL Decoder, reset to 003

Build Standard

Factory Built

Paint Standard

Factory Painted

Model Condition


Box Condition


Condition Description

Pre-owned but in excellent condition. The bogies have been removed in order that the loco can be secured to the plinth for transit, the securing screws are in the fixings. A number of original detailing parts are included in an unopened bag. The Loksound Function List is also included.

Track Test

Excellent/Smooth Runner (at low, medium & high speeds)

Test Results

Tested on Peco track including a 6 feet radius curve


Era 3 Sprung Buffers Sprung Couplings Cab Detailing Directional Lighting DCC Sound