All Steel Type K Pullmans

Ellis Clark Trains & Darstaed are pleased to announce our next joint venture in 7mm Finescale passenger carrying stock.
May we present to you the Pullman all steel type Ks!
Working closer than ever before, with ourselves researching these iconic vehicles and the CAD team collaborating on the design, we feel we can deliver what will be a remarkable model.
Like the real life Pullmans, our aim is to produce something rather special, and so these coaches will feature brass sides with extra added detailing, working table and ceiling lights, fully detailed metal bogies, fully detailed chassis, fully detailed and riveted roofs, and stunning interior detailing.
We will be producing Brake 3rds, Parlour 1st and Parlour 3rds, Kitchen 1st, and Kitchen 3rds.
We will also be offering coach packs, including many famous and iconic trains, and preserved examples.
We’re expecting a release date in 2024, with the RRP of the coaches being £399 each or £375 each when buying 3 or more. We do realise that this RRP is higher than usual, but one of our main aims is to produce a model of the Pullman reminiscent of the real-life vehicles, maintaining their prestige build and attention to detail. We have no doubt that these will not disappoint.

A Little History...
The all-steel Pullman car’s made their initial debut in 1928. With this they were one of the first rail vehicles to be made entirely of steel over the traditional wooden construction. A total of 33 vehicles were constructed and at the time were classed as the most luxurious form of rail travel. Featured improvements of the K-types were big picture style windows, the latest design trends used throughout the inside as well as their renowned red topped table lamps.
Twenty cars were built for and allocated to the LNER to run on their prestigious Queen Of Scots service from 1928 onwards. With this the other 13 were used on services such as the Bournemouth Belle, Harrogate Pullman, Yorkshire Pullman and Ocean liner services to name a few.
The Pullman cars have remained in service almost constantly from their inception, leaving 8 K-types still in preservation with a handful still being used on the mainline today. We have been very fortunate and are extremely grateful for the help both the Keighley Worth Valley Railway and the Bluebell Railway have given to us in researching and bringing this project to fruition.

Available Models
Key Facts
RRP: £399 Each
Bundle Price: £375 Each when buying 3 or more
Release Date: 2024 Q1/2
 Super detailed etched brass sides with separately moulded ends and windows
Fully detailed and decorated interiors
Interior walls fully decorated
Hand-painted finish
Working table and ceiling lighting
Super detailed metal bogies (compensated)
Super detailed chassis and under-frame
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