Darstead Spares & Accessories

Darstead Spares & Accessories

Below is a list of spares and accessories available for our Darstaed coaches.

We always try to carry spares for most parts, so that should the rare occurrence of something becoming damaged, we can get a replacement part sent out to you.

Link couplings

We carry a stock of sprung link couplings suitable for the Mk1 mainline and Mk1 BG coaches. If you have purchased some of these coaches and require one or two for the loco/brake ends, please get in touch and we will be happy to post some out to you free of charge.

Bogies & Wheels

We offer different types of bogies to purchase separately. This includes the Commonwealth bogies, which can be found by clicking HERE, or the newly tooled Mk1 bogies and wheels, they can be found by clicking HERE. (Please note, these newly tooled Mk1 bogies are currently fitted to most Mk1s for sale on our website, including the suburban coaches and BGs).

Brake/Guards Interior Detailing

Due to popular demand, we now stock the brake/guards interior detailing section that has been installed in the BGs. These are available at £3 each plus P&P and can be found by clicking HERE.