Newsletter No. 10

A Busy Start to the Year and the Busy Months Ahead

It’s Paddy again, as Ellis thought it might be nice if I provide a bit of an update to my last newsletter a few months back.

After a relaxing Christmas we had an extremely busy January, and the trend seems to be continuing in to February, with excellent amounts of orders each day. Whilst it can be difficult to keep on top of all the stock coming in and going out, we are enjoying every second of it, and business couldn’t be better.

We recently advertised our bespoke locomotive boxes for the first time and since have been inundated with large orders for all sizes. We always thought they would be a desirable product as they are so handy for secure storage and good value for money, but we have been pleasantly surprised by their success. If you would like to order some then simply give us a call or send us a quick email (and bear in mind that there is a ten percent discount when ordering five or more). If there are any style boxes that you would like to see (for example boxes for coaches or specific wagons), then please let us know so we can look into their viability.

We also look forward to the release of the Darstaed finescale coaches this summer (expected May/June onwards). Similar to the locomotive boxes, we expect that their superior build quality and attractive price point will make them a big success. The early interest we have already gained certainly suggests as much. If you have any questions about the upcoming Darstaed finescale range, or if you would like to pre-order a set, then please get in touch.

From a more personal perspective the work here at Ellis Clark Trains continues to be interesting and engaging. With the aforementioned introduction of the locomotive boxes and upcoming Darstaed range, my day-to-day activities have become quite varied. I have also been recently been insured on the company van, and so will start to do some collections in the next few weeks. Having had a test drive or two I’ve found it a nice experience to drive such a large vehicle, but it is certainly more difficult to park than the Toyota Yaris that I’m used to. If I’m scheduled to pick up your collection I can only hope that you have a spacious driveway!

With each new collection that we receive my knowledge and appreciation grows. The multifarious nature of railway models means that I encounter different styles and gauges every day. Having recently received a large collection of continental ‘HO’ gauge models, I’ve become more acquainted with brands such as Hag and Trix, and have been quite impressed with their detailing. We have also had some gauge 3 come in to the office: very impressive stuff. The good old kit-built ‘O’ gauge models are still my favourite though. You can’t beat the knowledge that the loco you’re holding is the result of a passion project; that hours of work have gone in to handcrafting the thing.

That’s about it for this week’s newsletter. There’s certainly a lot to look forward to over the next few months. I’m sure you’ll hear again from me in the near future.

Many thanks,