Newsletter No. 11

Newsletter No.11... Mk1

A few weeks have passed since our first printed advert for the Darstaed Mk1 coaches went out to the public, and the response from many seems to have been - "A brass sided, scale length, fully detailed Mk1 with interior and lights for under £200!?, is that right?", to put it simply, yes!

Excitement is rising in the Ellis Clark Trains camp and 7mm world, as we get nearer to not only a fully decorated sample, but release for the first batch of coaches. A huge amount of progress has been made in the past month or so and we're very hopeful of having the first batch ready to fulfil the pre-orders in July.

Being in constant contact with Andries of Darstaed and Bob of Scalelink (who will also be selling the Mk1's) has meant that progress has been brisk, with all parties keen to introduce a new range of finescale products into the ever-expanding and lively 7mm market in time for Guildex 2017.

Although the Mk1 coaches have stolen the limelight, the program continues to grow with other projects including Warwell wagons, revised bogie tankers, A4's and Brass Gresley coaches.

For those of you who closely follow the website, you would be forgiven for thinking I'm getting slack on adding new pre-owned stock - well, to make up for this I'll be sat down at my computer with a stack of stock boxes launching items which Paddy has been describing and photographing for the past fortnight.

The other reason for the lack of recent website content is actually because I took a weeks break to the beautiful ski resort of Tignes, France. The combination of Model Rail Glasgow falling before this and a hectic catch-up week following has meant a 3 week absence of adding those oh so familiar photographs Paddy takes, to the 7mm section of the website.

At this point, a sneak peak in what will be coming up for sale this week might be appreciated, and so, if you're into GWR, BR, LNER or LMS then checking the website tomorrow evening would be advised - a personal favourite of mine will be a certain GWR tank locomotive professionally built and painted - I'll let you figure out which gem this is!

March is always an exciting time of year for me - things seem to happen in the model railway world, the sun starts to come out for Garden Railways, The London Festival of Railway Modelling takes place (our first ever exhibition almost 5 years ago) and those dark and cold nights seem to fade enabling those lofts, garages and sheds to warm up and provide a relaxing place to sit down with a kit, bag of wires or scenic glue (to name 3 of thousands of railway modelling options!) and crack on with the hobby.

Once again, thank you to all who continue to take interest in Ellis Clark Trains and take the time out to read these newsletters, both myself and Paddy are so humbled by so many in this industry - It is like no other with such a help-thy-neighbour attitude and general positive outlook on the hobby. I personally believe that the future of the hobby could not be stronger and I can only see Ellis Clark Trains expanding.

If you have any further questions or items you would like to hear about in these newsletters, then please feel free to email me or pick up the phone for a quick chat.

All the best,