Newsletter No. 12

Newsletter No.12

It's been quite some time since our last newsletter, and so as you'd imagine there's plenty for me to update you all on.

Firstly, if you haven't checked the website for O gauge in a few weeks then I'd certainly point you in that direction - Plenty of new items have been added with the pictures and info done by Paddy (whom started  just over 7 months ago now).

With a large increase in business over the past year I have recently given Paddy more responsibility for website listings, he's been doing a fantastic job and seems to have learned a great deal, especially in 7mm O gauge! If you think any improvements could be made, or if you would like anything else mentioning in the descriptions, then please let us know - we can always improve!

A few people have asked for more content relating to HO/OO news - although O gauge is what we are becoming most well known for, we will still endeavour to offer the same, if not more, items of other scales - as when I first started this business I wanted to be able to offer a buying and selling service for all manner of collections (I myself collect a combination of scales!)

Currently the website is being used for O gauge, gauge 1 & larger scales and some OO - our eBay store, for now, is the place to go for all stock in other gauges - we would like to one day sell all scales on the website but unfortunately due to our eBay following and well known seller ID, this cannot be an overnight thing.

This weekend (28th, 29th & 30th of April) we will be attending, for the first time, the Bristol 3 Day Model Rail Exhibition! If you're into either HO, OO or O gauge then this will be the place to see us! Coming along with me will be a large selection of British RTR OO, American HO, Continental HO and, as always, British 7mm O Gauge.

Recently there has been allot of movement in the Darstaed camp. Within the next week or two we should have in stock the new revised bogie tankers. These, after much demand, have been re-engineered with a satin finish, sprung 3 link couplings and Slaters bearings and finescale wheels (disk or spoked). These, as before, will be available in all 24 post and pre-war liveries and will come ready to go with Slaters wheels fitted as standard. If there is a particular livery you would like then we would recommend reserving this soon as we expect some variants to sell out quickly (call us on the office number 01756 701 451)

The Mk1 coaches are also coming along nicely - soon we should have a decorated sample alongside a definitive list of coach variants. As soon as we have news on this we will send out an email with pictures and update the website to allow pre-orders to be more accessible - as allows feel free to give us a ring for any info - were always happy to talk.

Our loco boxes continue to get fantastic feedback and it's great to see so many people putting them to good use! Recently I have had full size labels made to stick on the end - these can be written on and have a number of lines available to easily distinguish your models (after seeing some of your collections I think you'll need them!) with that in mind, if you have bought any of our boxes without the labels then please give us a ring and we'll be happy to bob some in the post to you free of charge.

After hearing many positive comments and praise, we have booked ourselves in with a last minute spot in the Reading Larger Scales show taking place on Saturday May 6th - We'll be bringing not only O gauge, but also some Gauge 1 and 3 items to this so we definitely recommend coming to see us if that tickles your fancy!

I'm sure there's plenty I have missed in this newsletter, but that may have to wait till next weeks!

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter Weekend and look forward to seeing some of you at and upcoming event.

All the best,