Newsletter No. 13

Newsletter No.13

Good evening everyone, I hope this newsletter finds you well.

As always, it's been busy in and out of the office over the past fortnight - Ready Larger Scales show for me was a highlight with some superb layouts and stands. I put some new faces to names which was a real pleasure and spoke to many people who haven't yet seen me at a show in the South.

The past week has been taken up by website additions - a large amount of these have been added today including 2 superb scratch built LMS engines, 2 SanCheng models and many other locomotives.

For those who have been to the office within the past 6 Months you may notice a few familiar items now up for sale which have been on display, pride of place, in my office cabinet - my favourite of these is a Standard Class 5 built from a DJB kit with plenty of extra scratch built details from my friend John Jarvis.

Our next show, will be the Doncaster O Gauge Show on the 3rd of June - a big one for us Northerners! As always we'll have plenty of locos, wagons and coaches but as always, please let us know if there's anything on the website you would particularly like to see as we can't bring everything!

This week just gone I have received a shipment of revised Darstaed bogie tankers - these are now finished in Satin with sprung bogies, buffers and 3-link couplings - They will also be fitted with Slaters Finescale wheels which are currently being produced and should be with us before the end of the Month, fingers crossed we'll have them up for sale at the Doncaster show!

For those after OO, you may have noticed plenty of new items added to our eBay store - This will continue over the weekend so be sure to keep a keen eye out!

Only a short one this week but I hope in the coming weeks to have some more finalised information on the much anticipated Darstaed Mk1 coaches! For many I'm sure you are looking as forward to them as myself!

All the best,