Newsletter No. 14

Good afternoon all, I hope this email finds you well.

Plenty of updates today including new stock to the website, release dates for the Darstaed Mk1's and upcoming stock to be added to the website.

A week or so ago I picked up a large collection of LMS locomotives and coaches - all of these are gradually being added to the website with only a few more locos left to come later this week.

We've also got some lovely GWR coaches, Dapol Terriers, a Heljan Deltic and Class 33 as well as a couple more Golden Age coaches.

If you also follow our eBay page you'll notice a large amount of Golden Age OO coaches which are now up for sale - these have all come in from a single owner collection and are in new condition with some extremely rare articulated sets.

The most exciting news I have to bring you is the finalised release schedule for the Mk1 coaches - this is subject to change, however production is currently running smoothly and Darstaed hope to hit all release date targets. A new sample should also be appearing in a few weeks with some new 3D rendered images available on the Darstaed section of our website shop (and at the top of this email).

So, the 2017/18 schedule is as follows:
September:Set A in 3 liveries - priced at £750 per 4-Car set
October:Set B in 3 liveries - priced at £750 per 4-Car set
November: 4 different singles in 3 liveries - priced at £189 per coach
December: 4 different singles in 3 liveries - priced at £189 per coach
January:1 single + Set B in 3 liveries - priced at £189 per coach or £565 per 3-Car set
February:1 single + Set B in 3 liveries - priced at £189 per coach or £565 per 3-Car set

Admittedly, this has slightly changed since the coaches were first advertised - this is simply down to producing accurate coaches in all liveries, which actually ran on the railways. After further research it was not feasible to have a 4-car set B, instead this will be replaced with a 3-car catering set which will include an RF (Restaurant first class with kitchen), RSO (Restaurant second class) & RFO (Restaurant first class).

Set A will remain the same and will include 2 Corridor 2nd class brakes, 1 Composite corridor and a 2nd class corridor.

Singles will include a Full brake, Corridor Brake, First Class corridor, Sleeper coach, Tourist open coach and a miniature buffet car.

The final specification for all coaches is as follows:
Scale length with full finescale detailing
Finely detailed brass etched coach sides
Coach ends and roofs in finely detailed ABS
Fully detailed metal under-frame
Fitted Kadee Buckeye automatic couplings
Detailed interiors with installed coach lighting
Sprung all metal C/W bogies on the B/G and IC liveries. (Also available separately)
Detailed all metal BR1 compensating bogies on the four early liveries.
End corridors with spring action closing up also in the curves > 6ft radius.
Sprung all metal buffers
Brake Ends and Full Brakes with detachable working (plug in) rear light.
Finescale wheels fitted (According to GOG and NEM 310 specifications)

All the above are now available for pre-order with no upfront payment - simply email Paddy in the office ( or call us on the office landline (01756 701451) - Alternatively, set A is now listed on the website as a pre-order so if you're only after set A for now you can purchase it that way.

Also new to the website is the 'Exhibition Page' - self explanatory, this will list all the future exhibitions we will be attending - we would also like to add a 'customer pictures' gallery page, where we can upload photos of your models you've bought from us on your layout - I've seen some fantastic shots over the past couple of years and it would be great to showcase these!

That's it for another week - if you have any questions regarding any website listings, Darstaed info or eBay listings please feel free to get in touch.

All the best,