Newsletter No. 15

Newsletter No.15

Good afternoon everybody. It's Paddy here, tasked yet again with writing the Ellis Clark Trains newsletter. Well we certainly have some exciting things to cover.

The headline piece of news we have is regarding the new range of Mk1 coaches that we have been co-developing with Darstaed and Scale Link. Yesterday we received our first pre-production sample. For some time now we have had high expectations for these coaches, so it was fantastic to open the box and find that the coaches exceeded our best wishes. I am happy to report that the manufacturers have outdone themselves when it comes to delivering a superior product. With its bowed brass sidings and intricate detailing both exterior and interior (including separate lights for each compartment) this is a truly stunning model. We simply cannot wait for our customers to get their hands on these magnificent coaches when they release this Autumn. For the many customers who have already placed a pre-order with us; you are in for a treat.

Also available for pre-order on the website are the Darstaed Well Wagons. These finescale models are looking superb and are expected to be available in August for £69.00 each. 

Furthermore we are expecting the Darstaed finescale Bogie Tankers to be available for purchase next week, again for the fantastic price of £69.00.

We are happy to report that, with all of the developments regarding our Darstaed range, our website's traffic has increased significantly. Judging by this and the steadily increasing rate of pre-orders we anticipate a very popular product, and are very excited for the coming months.

For further information on our Darstaed range, or to place any pre-orders, simply visit our website or give us a quick call. As always we are more than happy to help you out with any questions you may have.

That's it from me for another few weeks. I hope that this newsletter has provided you with a decent update of what to expect from us in the next few months. 

Many thanks,
Ellis Clark Trains