Newsletter No. 16

Good afternoon everyone,

The last newsletter was brought to you by Paddy, meaning the last time I personally sent one out was nearly a month back.

This is due to a chaotic few weeks of business as we near the release date for the first batch of Darstaed Mk1's & Well Wagons. Alongside this we have received delivery of the altered bogie tankers, these are now fitted with Slaters fine-scale wheels and custom bearings, sprung link couplings and finished in matte. All 22 post and pre-war liveries are available for sale through the website at £69.

Furthermore, for anyone into OO gauge, you will have noticed a large influx of RTR modern image diesel locomotives and multiple units - unfortunately this collection of stock has now been exhausted, having said that we have just taken in a collection of un-boxed steam locos which will be going up for sale later in the week.

Recently I have taken to following and contributing to the 'Gauge O Guild' new forum. This has been a fantastic tool with so many knowledgeable folk sharing both their expertise and opinions, especially on the mine-field of Mk1 coaches. I know many of you are following the progress of the Mk1's, especially if you have put a pre-order in, but for those who haven't heard the following the next paragraph is for you.

In newsletter No. 14 we gave the official release dates for all the coaches - for 5 of the liveries this will remain the same, however there will be a delay on all blood and custard coaches of around 2-3 months. Essentially, after much discussion and many comments, it has been confirmed that blood and custard Mk1 coaches never existed with window frames as these were an addition to later liveries (due to the corrosion of the steel around the windows). I, Bob of Scalelink and Andries of Darstaed want to ensure that the Mk1 project is as accomplished as possible and could not ignore the views of the market, there-fore all blood and custard Mk1's will be produced without window frames leading to a delay in the manufacture of them. For all those with pre-orders on this livery we do hope you understand and sincerely apologize.

A release that may also slip under the radar, due to the excitement surrounding the brass sided Mk1's, is the release of the Darstaed Finescale Well Wagons. 12 liveries are available for pre-order on our website and especially once seen in the flesh, we expect these to sell out quickly.

Gauge 1 (both 10mm and 1/32) is a scale which I am also expanding into - recently we have taken in a one of a kind (or two of a kind to be precise) Golden Age Models Gauge 1 5-Car Brighton Belle. There were only ever 2 produced and I am lucky enough to offer the blue & grey version for sale with state of the art radio control from Peter Spoerer. This set is now available for sale on the website in new condition.

That's it for this bi-weekly newsletter - I hope you're all enjoying this lovely British summer and as always, if you'd like anymore information on the upcoming releases just give us a ring on the office landline.

All the best,
Ellis Clark Trains