Newsletter No. 18

Good evening & hello from Portugal! (sort of)

When I wrote this newsletter I was sat next to a pool with a cold beer in my hand in 32+ degree heat - however due to most of my work being back at home - I've had to wait till now to post it and so it is, a week later than planned, Newsletter No. 18 aimed mostly at covering Telford and it's aftermath.

Firstly may I say how great the attendance was this year - we felt we we're in a cracking spot in the hall, enabling me to spend almost the whole of the weekend chatting to everyone who paid us a visit.

One of the key attractions of my stall this year was the new completed sample of Darstaed Mk1 coaches (see above picture) - the response was incredible and I could not of dreamt of such fine compliments.

For all those who put in pre-orders (or added to) on the day, thank you! The first delivery is now close at hand, however the Set A's, although we were hoping for an end of September release, will now be in stock towards the end of October due to a small mistake pointed out on the BSK's. It is to the great credit of Andries, owner of Darstaed, to ensure that these and all future Darstaed releases are as true to life as possible - again, something which seems to have impressed many.

It is well known to me, Bob of Scalelink and Andries of Darstaed that the O gauge community is one with a very much 'help thy neighbour' feel to it, with a vast amount of railway knowledge spread across different periods and regions, therefore we intend to share up to date production and design information both for opinions and information.

Also from Darstaed and making it's trade show debut were the Well Wagons - again these went down incredibly well with half of the liveries we brought with us selling out on day one! These are of course available to buy on our website (See here)

Both before and during Telford we have had some fantastic items come into stock - tomorrow myself and Paddy will start adding these to the website. There are some especially beautiful DJH professionally built locos alongside others from builders & painters such as Dave Enis, Lee Marsh and Alan Brackenborough.

Also coming onto the website this week will be some fantastic Bowande gauge 1 Choc & Cream Mk1 coaches - these stunning coaches are built from brass and in as-new condition.

If you have been shopping on our eBay store recently then you will have noticed the new layout. This will soon be accompanied by a new description layout for each individual item and will aim to look very similar to our eBay layout.

While on the subject of eBay, there will be some OO gauge stock added for sale next week alongside some coarse scale O gauge - certainly worth keeping an eye out!

We've also been busy booking all our upcoming exhibitions - these are now all updated on the website! With the nature of items we sell it is often common for us to take items along for customers to collect - if you would like anything bringing to a future exhibition - or would just like to know what we might be likely to take with us then please feel free to get in touch!

Finally, we will be making a few improvements to the website over the next few weeks. I have always loved listening to feedback regarding my business and so if you ever have an opinion, idea or little niggle regarding the layout or accessibility of the website, do let me know - I'd love to put it right!

That's all for this week - thank you again for all the continuing comments and praise on the Darstaed products - it will certainly ensure some fantastic items!

All the best,
Ellis Clark Trains