Newsletter No. 19

Good evening all.

This newsletter will serve as a small update on the website and first delivery of Darstaed Mk1s.

Firstly, the latter - Although pushed back a bit from their original release date of September, we should have in stock our first delivery of set A's in 2-3 weeks and by the middle of December we should have set A's in every livery in stock!

Like many, we cannot wait! Plenty of "tweaks" have been made along the road and to create what will be a stupendous model, like many have said, it will be worth the wait!

For all those with pre-orders, we aim to call you on the day of delivery and for many, get them posted out straight away to avoid any further delays.

For those regular visitors to the website, for which I am flattered to say there are many, you will notice updates to the 7mm O gauge pages. Our aim is to make everything easy to find and organised into different railway regions. Again, if ever you have any opinions, we'd love to hear them!

Today we started uploading the first of a stunning O gauge collection. Still to come is a Masterpiece Castle and Britannia, Lee Marsh Jubilee, 41xx & some gorgeous kit built models.

That's all for today - I hope to have a big email newsletter shortly after the Mk1 delivery, and as always please feel free to get in touch by phone or email regarding anything you have read in this newsletter.

All the best,
Ellis Clark Trains