Newsletter No. 23

Good Evening all,

It's been a very busy start to the year at Ellis Clark Trains - Plenty of new stock, changes to the business and the early blueprints of an exciting Darstaed announcement!

Just over a week ago we attended the Bristol O Gauge show and were met with a host of compliments on the Darstaed Mk1 coaches (now in stock in three liveries).

The response has filled us all with copious amounts of confidence; the opinions of yourselves have not fallen on deaf ears and we hope to please most with the future of the brand.

In terms of the MK1 coaches, we are now down to the last couple of set A's and CK's for the Blood and Custard & Chocolate and Cream liveries - if you're considering one of these liveries please feel free to get in touch or visit the website.

Later this week we hope to have in stock the Blue & Grey Set A's which includes a composite class coach, second class coach and two brake/second class coaches - We've had some sample photos sent over from Darstaed and I must say, even though they are not my preferred era, they look spot on! (I think a set of these will be going straight for weathering!)

Next on the horizon and currently in the final stages of preparation is Model Rail Glasgow and The Kettering O Gauge Show. A first for us at Glasgow is a new set-up to show off the range of Darstaed products, featuring videos of the Mk1 coaches running on Over Peover alongside a chance to chat to the owner of Darstaed himself, Andries Grabowsky.

Current Stock
Currently in stock we have some superb 7mm items on the website - in and amongst there is a Lee Marsh LMS Patriot, Martin Finney 72xx, Larry Goddard painted Princess alongside many more.

On our eBay store we have been adding plenty from a large LGB collection along with the last few Aster and live steam locomotives bought from a superb collection a couple of months ago.

eBay Auctions
As a little end to the month of January I decided to put 18 O gauge locomotives & coaches up for auction on our eBay site. These finish tomorrow night between 8pm and 9pm and include some Golden Age Models coaches, a DJH A3, LNER S1, Sancheng 08 and 25 plus many more!

Upcoming Stock
This week we will be adding a large amount of mint/boxed OO and HO locomotives and coaches to our eBay store. Later in the week we hope to add more O gauge to the website alongside an Accucraft Lynton & Barnstaple 2-4-2T live steam locomotive.

As always if there is anything you would like to hear more of in these newsletters then please get in touch. Likewise, if you think we can improve on our website or service in any way then please let us know, no matter how critical - we're always looking to improve!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Kindest regards,