Newsletter No. 25

Good afternoon all,

First, let me apologise for the time between this and the last newsletter - a number of things (including a recent kitchen refit) postponed it, although this makes for a much more substantial newsletter this time round!

I suppose I should start with the most obvious and widely anticipated news: the new Darstaed Mk1 Set As in maroon are in stock! Paddy has spent yesterday afternoon and today ringing round all pre-orders, which means Hannah will be facing a rather large pile of orders to pack first thing Mondaymorning! However if you have a set on order and have not received a call, then please phone the office on 01756 701451 and we'll be on hand to help.

Work in the Darstaed factory for the other coach types is now well underway with manufacturing speed expected to increase tremendously, and so we hope to be receiving more regular shipments. Furthermore we will also be receiving and sending out the gangway ends this month (to cover the magnets on the brake or loco end). As soon as these come in stock we will be posting these out free of charge for all those who have placed orders with us.

Over the past couple of weeks we have uploaded locomotives, kits and rolling stock from a superb single owner collection. Although this has now come to an end we have a plenty on the horizon including a Bachmann Brassworks tender 2MT, a DJH twin tendered 'Flying Scotsman', an Aster C56 un-built live steam kit and plenty more.

We are also currently working on some other improvements to the website and would like to add a page of photos from your modelling endeavors. I feel it's fantastic to applaud others' efforts, and seeing other people's work can be a fantastic source of inspiration. Therefore I would humbly ask that if you have any pictures of your layout, models, or anything railway related, and you'd like them showcasing on our website, then please email them to I hope to have this live in a month but it would be nice to build up a bit of a library before doing so.

Whilst on this subject, if there are any other improvements or additions you would like to see on the website please email them over to me, as my aim has always been to create a vivid, interesting and regularly updated site (more on this at the bottom of this newsletter).

Gauge 0 Guild Spring Issue and ECT Booklet
In the last newsletter I teased you all about the new Darstaed announcement (sorry about that!) Well come the release of the next Gauge 0 Guild magazine the wait will be over!

I have invested in an eight page A4 booklet to be sent out with all magazines - this will include the announcement alongside other info on exhibitions, Darstaed products, the website and so on!

For those not a member of the Guild, please do not despair, as on the same day I will send out a newsletter with the same announcement and will happily send this printed or digital booklet out to anyone who requests it, free of charge.

The announcement will also feature in the June issues (released in May) of BRM and Railway Modeler... We're just a tad excited!

A New Wesbite?!
It doesn't go unnoticed that these days we tend to focus more on finescale O gauge - this doesn't mean we don't still buy and sell all other gauges. On the contrary - we actually buy and sell more than ever before, but with the introduction of the Darstaed range and our growing name in the O gauge world, we have inevitably gained a reputation for 7mm O gauge.

Our aim is to always grow and improve the business and that is the same for all areas, not just O gauge - therefore we are in the planning stages of changing our online presence. The result will be two separate websites, one dedicated to O gauge, and the other which is dedicated to all other scales. 

It may take some time but we will keep you updated, and moreover would like to ask you all for advice and opinions on what you would like to see on both sites.

That's it for this week - I hope you all have a superb weekend

Kindest regards,