Newsletter No. 26

The Big Announcement!

Since the release of the coveted finescale MK1 coaches, Ellis Clark Trains has been working hand in hand with Darstaed to decide what to produce for our next project. After a number of months' work the date has finally arrived, and we can gladly reveal that our next products are to be a range of finescale MK1 Suburban coaches! They are available to pre-order immediately, and are scheduled to arrive in quarter-four of this year. at a price of £169 each.

We have reached this decision after having had many meetings, having carried out hours of research, and having conducted a number of large-scale customer polls. We are confident that models of these ubiquitous coaches will be popular with a large range of modelers, and will suit a variety of tastes.

They will continue the high standard that Darstaed set with the MK1 coaches, with brass sides, lights as standard, and superb detailing both to the exterior and interior. All this at the fantastic price of £169 per coach!

To pre-order, simply visit our website, give us a call on 01756 701451, and get in touch via email at There is no obligation, and payments are not taken until the products come in to stock with us.

We hope that you are as excited as we are for these fantastic new coaches to come available later this year.

All the best,
Ellis, Paddy & Hannah.