Newsletter No. 27

Newsletter No. 27

Good afternoon,

It's been a short while since my last newsletter, which included the big announcement from ourselves about our next exclusive release with Daarstaed, the BR Mk1 57' suburbans.

In this newsletter I aim to cover the following: an update into Darstaed's Mk1 mainline coaches, recently added stock to the website and our eBay site, upcoming stock, the Reading and Doncaster exhibitions, plus some other bits to fill the gaps!

As we receive many emails and calls relating to progress with Darstaed releases, I feel it is best I first give you an update on incoming stock.

Firstly, we have this week received the long awaited gangway end shields. These use a simple click on method and cover the magnets incorporated into the corridor connections. For all those who have purchased sets or brake end coaches we will be sending these out free of charge to arrive later this week/early next week, however if you do not receive any please feel free to call or email and we will be happy to post a free pair out to you.

Now to progress on the Mk1's. They are, as partly anticipated, running behind schedule - there are a whole host of reasons for this mostly to do with quality control, designing and testing new interiors and not to mention the most time consuming part; painting and lining the coach sides (which is done by hand with 4 coats of paint!).

Thankfully I can share with you all some good news: The FK (First Class), BCK (Brake End Composite) and TSO (Tourist Second Open) coaches will be arriving throughout June and the first week of July in Blood & Custard, Maroon, Chocolate & Cream, Blue & Grey, and Southern Green. These will then be followed by the catering vehicles and finally the sleepers, BG's, and the Intercity stock in the months leading up to Telford.

As always, we recommend pre-ordering, which of course requires no upfront payment or deposit.

As an update for current stock: we are now unfortunately fully sold out of Blood & Custard and Chocolate and Cream BSK, CK and SK coaches and set A packs, with a very limited quantity remaining of Southern Green. We do have remaining stocks of Blue & Grey and Maroon liveries, although judging by the success of the range these will not be around for much longer.

Website Stock
After a few manic weeks purchasing pre-owned stock, the week has come to get on with listing it! Paddy and I have been busy in the office since last Friday listing a whole range of interesting items, most recently some stunning continental brass O gauge, some rare LGB and G scale items, and some stunning 4mm OO gauge Golden Age Models items. We have also added a couple of weathered Darstaed set A's, professionally finished by either John Jarvis or Neil Armitage.

On another note we have taken in to stock some of the stunning new release 55H/LHL 9F locomotives - these are brand new and available on the website for £2,300. These, the first of a new range and name in RTR brass, are built to the highest specifications with the option to add both sound and smoke.

eBay Stock
Alongside adding stock to the website we have also been adding plenty to our eBay site in the form of OO gauge. Still to come will be some mint/boxed OO locomotives alongside some superb Bachmann/Hornby diesel locos and some continental N gauge.

Reading & Doncaster
For me, one of the best parts of this job is talking to you. Getting out and chatting to like minded people within the industry always fills me with a sense of optimism.

Both Reading and Doncaster, which have taken place in the last few weeks, have been superb. In fact, due to the amount of interest in both Ellis Clark Trains and Darstaed, I decided to take both Hannah and Paddy along to Doncaster so that I actually had some time to freely converse, as well as the time to take a good stroll around to see what is happening within the hobby.

It has always amazed me when people say that this is a dying hobby - I have always found this far from the truth and feel that the opposite is true. A short walk around Doncaster strengthened my convictions: the hall was busier than ever with more traders and more punters. Models are improving, and as for some of the layouts and demonstrations, well, they're mind blowing.

Next on the horizon for us is the much anticipated Telford 7mm show. Although we will have plenty to keep you informed on in the run up to this, we also like to bring a show stopper, much like the first Mk1 sample from Darstaed which we had on display last year, received with much elation.

On a final note we have also added some more items to the reduced sections of are website: you'll find that both some O gauge and gauge 1 items have been added, they won't hang around!

As always, if there is anything we can ever help with, please feel free to call or email - we're always here to talk!

All the best,