Newsletter No. 29

Newsletter No. 29

Good evening,

I hope newsletter No. 29 finds you well.

It's a relatively short one this week as I hope to write a better and more in-depth newsletter a week or two prior to Telford, so let's call this a little update...

Myself and the team have had a busy few weeks, and if you've been following the website and our eBay store then you will have seen why!

Alongside the deliveries of Darstaed Mk1 TSOs, BCKs and FKs, we've also had a large and varied influx of pre-owned items, ranging from N, to O to narrow gauges such as HOn3 and On3!

The good news is there's more to come! Appearing for sale on our eBay shop in the next few days will be more OO and N alongside some superb On3 wagons and coaches.

Meanwhile on the website there will be plenty of lovely kit built locos followed by some as-new and un-touched 7mm kits.

Darstaed Mk1s
An update on Darstaed stock then.

We have now got in stock the TSOs, BCKs and FKs in all liveries except for blue/grey, which arrive with us on Wednesday.

The BCKs in maroon and blood & custard arrived this morning and so we will start to ring round and fulfil pre-orders tomorrow and Wednesday.

We've also now created a website listing for a pick and mix 4 coach set (click here to view). Due to popular demand you can now buy 4 coaches, any type and livery from our in stock items for the set price of £750.

We have also added a new offer on the bogie tankers! If you purchase two or more in any livery you receive 20% off. Most liveries are still in stock with a couple of weathered examples also currently for sale seperately.

It's that time of year again... The run up to Telford!

I, like many, begin to plan and look forward to this show from early this month - there aren't many exhibitions in the summer and with Telford being the first of the "exhibition season" we always have plenty prepared and in the pipeline to make it a great show.

This will be the second year of flying the Darstaed banner alongside our own, with an extended frontage, depth and increase in stock, we hope to put on a superb display!

As always, if there is anything on our website you would like us to bring then please drop myself or Paddy an email (ellis or paddy so that you're not left disapointed.

As I said, a relatively short one this week - stay tuned however for newsletter No. 30.

All the best,