Newsletter No. 32

Good evening all,

Its been an excited few weeks behind the scenes at Ellis Clark Trains, as we plan to announce some thrilling news with the release of the next Gauge 0 Guild magazine. If you're not a member, not to worry, we'll make sure to shout it from the rooftops, but for now I'm afraid I'll have to go quiet on the matter... or at least try to (apparently I have a rather bellowing Yorkshire accent).

Having said that, we're very pleased to announce that the Darstaed blood and custard catering vehicles have today arrived with us! This includes an RMB (Miniature Buffet), RU (Restaurant Kitchen), RSO (Restaurant Second Open) and an RFO (Restaurant First Open). All are available to buy separately, as part of the "pick and mix" sets of four or, with the subtraction of one, in a set of 3 (Set B).

Paddy has been on the phone this afternoon fulfilling pre-orders, however if you have not been contacted and you believe you have a pre-order, then please contact the office on 01756 701451, and ask to speak to Paddy.

Hornby Great Electric Train Show
This year marks our return to the Hornby GETS, an exhibition which has grown in popularity since its launch a few years ago, and as such, has now moved to a much larger and very impressive new venue, the MK Arena.

The show will be running this Saturday and Sunday, with ourselves exhibiting all current Darstaed products, alongside a large range of pre-owned items, including a considerable amount of OO Gauge locos and rolling stock.

For more details please visit the Hornby Magazine website.

Upcoming/Current Stock
Recently we have been adding a large amount of 7mm O Gauge to the website. Well, over the next few weeks this will continue! There will be plenty more fantastic items being listed, in addition to some On3, American O Gauge and a small selection of high end 4mm (both OO and EM gauge).

Website Improvements
I touched upon this in a recent newsletter, where I asked for feedback relating to the new filter trees.

So far these seem to have gone down fantastically well and suggest finding certain items is now far easier; with that in mind, if there are any more filters you would like to see added to this then do let us know.

A relatively short newsletter this week, however I'm saving up plenty for the next few weeks, I promise you that!

In the meantime and as always, if you have any suggestions or improvements you'd like to see made to the website then please feel free to get in touch.

All the best,