Newsletter No. 38

Good evening all.

Newsletter No. 38 has arrived, hot on the heels of our latest Darstaed delivery... Intercity liveried Mk1s.

Prepare for a newsletter full of pictures - as I attempt to use our new camera equipment - alongside myself badgering on about upcoming changes to the business, forthcoming stock, and, for the two people who made it to the end of my last newsletter, some more ramblings from me.

Showroom Improvements
Lets start here...

Since opening the showroom in November of last year, I have had to battle with my alter ego, "messy Ellis". He is well known in the model railway world for stacking boxes wide, high and like the leaning tower of Pisa! Well, thankfully I'm winning this battle as I'm delighted to announce the success of the Ellis ClarkTrains showroom.

The comments of all who have visited us have been highly flattering, with your good selves coming from as far and wide as South Cornwall and the Scottish Borders! This has both encouraged and inspired me to continually invest and improve the experience, making any visit to our Skipton premises a worth while one.

Our showroom can now boast the following: O gauge test track with 6 foot and 6' 6" radius curves, lighted and filled custom built cabinets, seating area made from a 1st class Mk1 seat compartment, award winning coffee and cakes/biscuits (I have a trophy to prove the coffee award, the cakes, which are incidentally home made by "Mamma Clark's Bakery' are yet to receive their trophy - cue a trip to Timpson's to buy one!), and now our latest edition, a 55" touch screen, so that you can view every item we have available on the website!

I have other plans and adventures on the way, with some updated photos and a 3D interactive tour due on the website soon in the coming weeks.

Meet Paddy
I'm sure most of you will be well acquainted with Paddy, but for those who aren't Paddy was the first full time employee to join Ellis Clark Trains, back in September 2016.

Paddy has now had the privilege of serving under the UK's premier employer for over two and a half years, lucky guy!

Many of you will know Paddy from exhibitions and from speaking over the phone, however since opening the showroom late last year, Paddy can now be found playing with trains in the middle of our O gauge test track and welcoming all who enter. He's currently being taught by myself the arts of a true coffee barista and I hope soon to be able to receive creamy cappuccinos and flat whites on tap!

When Paddy joined the business he had very little knowledge into the world of model railways, but thanks to you he can differentiate liveries, classes, scales, gauges and much more, and like all of us, he continues to learn and improve.

Darstaed BG Updates
Good news all! The Darstaed BGs are now just around the corner and should be with us later this month. I hope I don't sound too much like a broken record, as they have been forthcoming for some time now, but I assure you this has all been in search of an improved and more accurate model.

The coach can now boast guard section interior detailing and brass bars to the windows, hand painted in a steel effect.

They will be superb, and I don't think they'll be around for long. To whet your appetites I have posted an interior CAD picture below, enjoy!
Click here to view the new Darstaed Blood & Custard Mk1s
Darstaed Mk1 Intercity Mk1s
After a long wait, the limited edition Intercity coaches are now in stock and ready for dispatch!

We are delighted with the paint finish, which is as usual done by hand, and boasts five separate colours.

Eight coach types are currently available for immediate dispatch, with SK, CK and BG coaches due in later this month.

Plenty more pictures on the website, but for now I've added one below, enjoy!
Pre-owned Stock
As always we've got plenty of pre-owned stock coming up for sale throughout the next couple of weeks.

We started yesterday listing the first of a remarkable O gauge scratch built collection, full of unusual gems that have brought a smile to the face of many a modeller. These are starting to appear on the website and will include many Midland Railway, LMS and privately owned locomotives.

On the eBay side of things we will continue to upload plenty of OO gauge locomotives from brands such as Bachmann, Hornby and Heljan, with more Continental and American HO to come.
My last email featured a few paragraphs on my own venture into railway modelling.

This seemed to go down well, so I thought I'd take the opportunity once again bore you with some more of my thoughts, opinions and adventures.

I'm sure I don't need to ask whether or not you enjoyed the recent heat wave; like many I made the most of this and spent it in the garden with the puppy, a beer, a soldering iron and a very sunburnt face.

Unluckily, and at the same time luckily, I made the rookie error of melting a cast iron axle box/brake shoe in an attempt to solder it to the brass side frame of my Lowmac kit from Jim at Connoisseur. The lucky part is that I saw Jim at the Leigh show this weekend just gone, and he was more than happy to send me a spare cast part in the post, alongside talking me through my mistake and where to go from here, what a chap! I also couldn't help myself and bought another kit, this time an LNER box complete with Slaters' Wheels and a bag full of tools from Squires.

This weekend sees the 'Tour de Yorkshire' pass through our HQ in Skipton, meaning the streets will be filled with cheering Northerners such as myself! Amey and Albert will also be there, which unfortunately means the showroom will be closed, although you'd do well to make it past the closed roads and fan filled streets in the first place!

For those who have never been to watch the 'Tour de Yorkshire' before, I couldn't recommend it enough. There is a great buzz in the air and combined with the street food and events taking place in both Skipton and many other towns and villages, it really does make for a cracking event.

Unfortunately I am unable to attend the Reading Larger Scales show taking place a week on Saturday, however Holly and Paddy will be filling in for me, as they exhibit and sell the full Darstaed Finescale range amongst a vast array of pre-owned Gauge 1 and 7mm stock. I'm sure I'll get all the gossip, so you better not be calling me a slacker!

Until the next time,
All the best,