Newsletter No. 39

Good afternoon
There's plenty happening behind the scenes at Ellis Clark Trains, with some exciting weeks ahead.

Newsletter 39 hits your inbox with the first of the much anticipated Darstaed 57' BGs coming through the office front door, but perhaps more exciting for some, the first production samples of the imminent Mk1 Suburbans are also now with us.

I also have plenty to update you on regarding pre-owned stock, release dates and another section of 'Ramblings'

Darstaed Mk1 Suburbans
You may have noticed the rather attractive header of this email...

That's right, we have received the first "off the line" Darstaed Mk1 suburbans which are currently in production, with the first delivery due in 3 weeks time.

These are, of course, way behind their respective release date, however we hope you will all agree that the wait has been worth it! The coach at the top of this email showcases one of the SLOs (Second Open with Lavatory) finished in BR Crimson livery and highlights the beautifully painted brass sides, brass door and hand rails, super-detailed and lighted interiors with brass luggage racks and newly tooled bogies.

Darstaed BGs
Well, the first of the long awaited Darstaed BGs are now in stock and available to purchase with immediate dispatch!

This first batch includes blood and custard, SR green, Maroon and Blue & Grey liveried coaches, with all other blue grey and all blue liveries coming later this week, and all remaining stock later this month.

As always were extremely pleased with how these models have turned out and they compliment the ever growing range of Darstaed finescale.

As with all Darstaed Finescale coaches these models consist of professionally painted brass sides, flush glazing, die-cast under-frame and compensating bogies.

Darstaed West Highland Mk1s
This may come as a shock... the West Highland Mk1s are due for delivery this week!

We will receive both the early and late liveried TSOs and BCKs and hope to have them on the website by the end of the week!
Preowned Stock
We've had some superb pre-owned items added to the website over the past few weeks, with more to come.

Coming soon is a pair of the sublime Lee Marsh GWR Clerestory coaches, alongside a GWR 517 Class and GWR lined 4-2-2 named 'North Star'

On our eBay store we will also be adding some more hard to find OO items, alongside some "as-new" Continental N gauge and American HO diesel stock
£10 Free Voucher
Whilst we maintain a large internet presence and busy website, we recently noticed that we are somewhat lacking ratings and reviews from your good selves.

With this in mind we'd like to offer a little incentive... if you leave us either a Google or Facebook review and star rating, then you will receive from us a £10 voucher free to use on our website or at an exhibition (Ts & Cs apply).

To do this, simply leave us a review with a star rating either by searching for us on Google, then on the right hand side of the page you will find our Google listing. Simply scroll down and click "Write a Review" - the rest is self explanatory. Or alternatively searching for us on Facebook and leaving a review there.

Once you have done this, email Amey at and let her know, she can then send you your voucher code for use - Simple!
You may be wondering what this half-a-puppy is doing hanging out of a hole, on a beach... well, last week myself and Amey took Albert (our puppy and first born) to the stunning county of Northumberland, where there was digging, chasing Frisbees and running into the cold North Sea.

This particular photo showcases Albert's first attempt to reach Australia... as you can see, he's quite the digger!

Northumberland holds a special place in my heart, as I have been holidaying their since 1999 when I was just seven years old and in the early stages of railway modelling.

One of our favorite places to visit, and a landmark which I took inspiration from for our showroom in Skipton, is "Barter Books" located just outside the centre of the Historic market town of Alnwick. For those who don't know it, Barter Books is a second hand book store and cafe (famed for it's enormous helpings!) which resides in the old Alnwick railway station. It's a breathtaking building and lends itself to the nature and appeal of the bookshop, which is packed to the rafters with every genre of book which even includes a small section of railway books (which is of course where you would find me).

We're back to it now, and Albert has to get used to the river Wharf again - which lets face it, isn't bad, so I'm sure he'll cope!

I believe the next newsletter that I will write will be packed with even more news and release updates.

Until the next time,
All the best,