Newsletter No. 40

Welcome... to Newsletter No40
A busy few weeks in and out the office - with plenty of product arrivals and news to inform you with, so let's get straight into it.

New Website Launches!
On Sunday I sent out an email asking you to "bear with us", as we put the finishing touches on our new website. Well, good news! We're all up and running again!

We've got plenty of new features including a 3D tour of our showroom, a new "meet the team" section, new product page layouts with better search criteria and plenty more.

As before, we'd still love to hear all of your feedback and suggestions, as we aim to make the website experience more immersive and diverse.

I'll leave you to explore the website at this stage - but coming soon will be some "website Spotlights", as we aim to take you through some of the new features we've added to the site.

Darstaed Mk1 Suburbans
Although we are way behind in terms of the release date for the Suburban coaches, we have now had delivery dates, outlining the order in which we will receive the liveries and coach types.

The first delivery is expected between the 10th and 15th of August, in time for Telford and will include Brake Seconds (BS), Seconds (S) and Second Opens with Lavatory (SLO) - these three coach types in this delivery will be the Crimson versions.

Our second delivery will arrive mid September and will include BS, S and CL coaches in un-lined and lined maroon.

We we're hoping to have more of the range delivered initially, but unfortunately we have had to compromise slightly and arrange the first deliveries as above.

All other coach types and liveries are expected between October and December, with concrete dates to be confirmed in the next fortnight, for which I will inform you of in the next newsletter.

Darstaed BGs
Another delivery of BGs has just arrived with us!

This delivery includes blue/grey and blue liveried full brake/luggage vehicles, with Departmental Green, Intercity and Departmental being shipped to us later this week.
Preowned Stock
July can be a funny month for pre-owned stock coming in, especially when we experience weather like today and the heat wave predicted for tomorrow!

Rest assured, we’ve got plenty on the horizon, with a large influx of 7mm expected to arrive in time for Telford.

In the meantime, we have added some nice pieces to the website, including the below 16mm Roundhouse engine "Katie" - professionally fitted with radio control, this alongside some stunning gauge 1 Caledonian coaches, brass built and beautifully painted/lined.

Office/Showroom Afternoon Closure - Thursday 25th of July
Please note, the office and showroom will be closed between 12pm and 5pm tomorrow, due to two things.

1. The heat!... it's suppose to hit 32 in Skipton tomorrow, which in a new build office without air con, can be unbearable!

2. Because of this, the Ellis Clark Trains team will be using the afternoon for our annual staff day out with a BBQ at Bolton Abbey.

Very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
£10 Free Voucher
Firstly, a huge thank you to those who left us glowing feedback and reviews on our Google page, it genuinley makes the graft and hard work worth while, for both myself, Paddy, Amey, Holly, Hannah and Bradie.

the offer of a £10 voucher still stands for anyone who would like to leave us a review, either on Facebook or Google
It's that part of the newsletter to turn away - anything interesting has been discussed, and now it's over to me to fill my aptly named column of "ramblings".

Last time this piece came out I had just returned from picturesque Northumberland accompanied by a human dog, now addicted to sand and digging. In the time since then, I have invested my hours into launching our new website.

For me, the website is crucial to our business and I believe any good website should be filled with ever changing products, news, information and at the same time, being easy and straightforward to navigate. Hopefully, our new look site ticks most of those boxes! I can't take too much credit mind, we have a fantastic website designer who, without and left to myself, our website may resemble that of a Ceefax sports page!

This new website follows my ethos and approach to Ellis Clark Trains, taking inspiration from museums, exhibitions, layouts and more. The contact section, for example, features a map designed and drawn by Hattie Clark Illustrations (possibly related, she denies it due to my "ginger hair"). Her style is unique, quirky, and as I'm sure you'll agree, fun!

Likewise, our updated product filters and the way in which you view products, I hope, is how you would want to search for that one item in a thousand!

Well, that ends another newsletter - a quick reminder again, the showroom is closed tomorrow afternoon, but back open on Friday, and yes, home made cakes by Mamma C will be in the cake tin!

Until the next time,
All the best,