Newsletter No. 7

It's been a huge couple of weeks for me in the model railway world - This weekend saw the infamous Warley exhibition come and go, meaning the week running up to it was made up of late nights sorting out and the week following, where we are now, has been made up of sorting out the aftermath and making sense of things in the office!

I was lucky enough this weekend, to be joined by Andries and his wife Michelle, who owns Darstaed (a brand which I'm sure is no stranger to those who have read my previous newsletters), with Andries came the first sample of his finescale Mk1, brass sided coaches we'll be selling and I must say I was incredibly impressed, as most O gauge fanatics at Warley were too!

These superbly detailed coaches will be priced at under £200 and, furthermore, will be fitted with interiors and lighting - for this price they truly are a remarkable piece of kit.

We have made an email handout for these coaches, and so if you would like more info please feel free to get in touch so I can send one over to you.

Moving forward with Darstaed products, we also received a sample of Slaters wheels along with a satin finished bogie tanker from the Andries. These, along with having a screw link coupling, will soon replace the current 2-rail course scale versions due to high demand and should be available early in the new year.

On the website, we have also been busy adding some more 7mm stock featuring a personal favourite of mine, a DCC sound fitted GWR railcar with real upholstered curtains and seats - a truly stunning piece with impeccable attention to detail.

For those into live steam, you may be thrilled to know that I have some scratch built gauge 1 locos on the horizon! These will be appearing on the website in due course, after a little check from a well known gauge 1 guru!

Many have asked whether or not I'll be attending the Reading O Gauge Show as a trader, and although we'd love to have a stand there, unfortunately (due to my late booking request) I'll only be there as a punter - however if you'd like any models bringing down to have a look at then please let me know and we can arrange a meeting point

As always - If anyone has any opinions or suggestions on the newsletter or website, please get in touch - feedback's always great!

All the best, Ellis.