Newsletter No. 9

An exciting few months ahead

Good evening, I hope this newsletter finds you all well.

If you've emailed me in the past couple of weeks and had a reply a few days later starting with "sorry for the delay in getting back to you" then I do apologize, recently I have been so bogged under with new stock, advertisements, website changes, van days and online orders.

Always good to be busy and cannot complain as there are also plenty of new ventures on the horizon, as I believe I might have mentioned in my email a couple of weeks prior.

If you have picked up this Quarter's Gauge O Guild Gazette you will have noticed our new full page advert exhibiting our O gauge boxes, although I'm sure if you have navigated through my website this will be no new news to you.

Opposite to our advert is a shared full page with Scale Link advertising the new Darstaed finescale products, these, as you may know will hit the market from April onwards. Both me and Bob of Scalelink have been taking pre-orders for these and after a very positive chat with Darstaed owner Andries a fully finished sample shouldn't be too far round the corner.

Currently myself and Paddy have been adding a whole host of continental items to our eBay store, this will continue into next week although I do aim to break it up a little tomorrow with some more 7mm locos to the website and maybe a Roundhouse live steam engine!

Seldom is there anything we don't buy and sell when it comes to model railways and this has been re-enforced recently with our new full page advert in the Gauge 1 Newsletter! Larger scales are something I'm rapidly emerging in, learning all manner of technical terminology and engineering techniques - especially in regards to live steam models. Recently I bought two exquisite gauge 3 "Kingscale" Live Steam locomotives (a 14xx and streamlined Duchess in Blue), you may have seen these models on display at exhibitions or may even be lucky enough to own one yourself! Seldom do I keep models for my collection, however on this occasion I find myself struggling to part ways!

I've had plenty of good feedback coming off the back of these newsletters and I must say it is very much appreciated! As always, if there is anything more you would like to see on the website or any information I'm missing on items that would help, then please feel free to let me know.

Once again, thank you to all who read these, it's delightful to know they're being so well received. Next week I will hand the keyboard over to Paddy who wrote one back at the start of November, a month or so after he had started here - I believe you may be interest to hear from some one who has been thrown into the hobby having no prior knowledge, or very little, of model railways.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone reading these.

All the best, Ellis.