Our First News Post

Greetings all!

As we spend more time adding products and information we thought it right to add news (or blog) posts to keep you all up to date with whats going on and what new products will be coming to the website soon!

As you can tell by the stock on the website, our main focus is O gauge - This doesn't mean we don't deal in all other gauges, just that we find the website the best place to advertise this specialist and, close to our heart, market sector.

We also sell through our eBay page (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Ellis-Clark-Trains) which is full of everything from Z gauge right up to G scale and some times larger!

We have recently started to stock the new range of Darstaed 2-rail ready to run O gauge. Although considered 'Course Scale' their new products will run on most commonly used 2-rail O gauge track such as Peco 143/124 including all point work. Furthermore their stock will run on a radius as little as 2 and 3 foot, opening up new avenues to model in O gauge.

In stock now we have their bogie tankers, 22 different liveries are available and are priced at £69 plus postage. Next up is the A4's, already very popular with the class itself needing no introductions. They will be due later this year but can be pre-ordered now from myself - for info on different liveries and names feel free to give me a ring or send an email.