Presflo Update 08/03/21

Morning all,

Hope you're all keeping well.

We've got a number of updates on the Presflos for you, numbered below for ease of reading :D.

1. I'll start with the bad news... unfortunately the release date on these has been pushed back to Summer of this Year. It's nothing Covid related, more myself wanting to get things right and not accounting for a couple of processes and also the fact they'll now be coming by sea as a-pose to air. Very sorry if this causes any inconveniences to anyone, but we're working hard to make them as close to perfect as possible.

2. We'll have some decorated samples in the coming weeks - which includes a yellow Blue Circle, a Bauxite 'Tunnel Cement' and a Grey 'Blue Circle' variant.

3. We've added another variant to the range! Our ref: E73-1-8A, B, C & U (for the various running numbers & for the un-numbered version). This represents the TOPs numbered grey 'Blue Circle' wagon, but this time with the advertising board as shown in the attached CAD.

4. All art sheets are now completed with some alterations having been made to the sheets originally posted. I've attached some of the altered art sheets for your viewing pleasure.

All the best,