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A little History...

The 22 Ton Presflo, first constructed in 1954 and developed for the transport of bulk powdered goods, was primarily used for the transport of cement.

These well known wagons could be found all over the United Kingdom and in the case of the Ferry Wagon Variants, also abroad.

They could often be seen in large rakes, but more than often two or three would be included in a mixed goods train.

Often in a very dirty and unloved condition a Presflo wagon makes an excellent weathering opportunity for the model maker or collector alike.

Presflos survived all the way up until 1993, with many in preservation today.


Within our range we offer a nice selection of liveries, both BR and privately owned, all of which would be well suited either in a large rake, or mixed in as singles, doubles or triples within a mixed freight train.

All our models have been very carefully and extensively researched and designed through drawings, pictures and build information.

Running Numbers

For most wagons we offer three different factory applied running numbers, with the addition of an un-numbered version supplied with transfers. This caters for all those who wish to make a superb large rake of wagons, all with different and stereotypical running numbers

Available Models

Please find below list of all versions, liveries and running numbers, alongside their build dates and information on TOPS (all un-numbered versions will come with transfers for both TOPS and pre-TOPS numbers and lettering.