Ellis Clark Trains E1003 O Gauge Stanier Class 5 4-6-0 "Black 5", Early BR Lined, '45430', Welded Tender


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This particular model represents No. 45430 with a BR early emblem and a riveted tender.

History of '45430'

New to the LMS 11/1937 with Armstrong Whitworth works number 1485. 45430 was initially allocated to Willesden (1A). When under BR it moved to Rugby (2A) where it remained for around 4 years. A re-allocation to Edge Hill (8A) came at the end of March 1952, followed by spells at Rugby (2A), Willesden (1A), Aston (3D) and Shrewsbury (6D) where it was finally withdrawn in September 1966

Specifications & Features

Super detailed die-cast, brass and plastic construction

Genuine ABC Helical Gearbox, built in the UK

Maxon motor with ball bearing racers

Super detailed cab

Sprung axle boxes

Removable working loco lamps

Firebox glow

Detail pack with snowplough included with every model

DCC Ready

Will negotiate Peco 2nd Radius (40.5"/1028mm) & Setrack points 

DCC Sound Versions:

Zimo Decoder - MS950, Exclusive sound file by Paul Chetter

Boom box double speaker (located in the loco)

Zimo exclusive sound project with 20+ functions

Weathering & Detailing by Neil Armitage

Neil has become very well known over the years for his excellent weathering and detailing work. From a light weathering, to a loco covered in rust, he is able to capture and recreate this in model form.

To add weathering to your Black 5, simply click HERE and follow the instructions on the page. 

Fact File

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Finescale O Gauge


Ellis Clark Trains

Drive Train

ABC Gearbox & Maxon Motor


DCC Ready | Will fit a Zimo MS950 DCC chip

Model Condition


Box Condition


Accessories Included

Detailing pack,snowplough, Speedo cable


Helical Gears Chassis Compensation Directional Lighting Cab Detailing Sprung Buffers Sprung Couplings Detailing Pack Limited Edition Era 4