Ellis Clark Trains E6000 Pair of O Gauge Working Drophead Buckeye Couplings


Here we have a pair of our recently released O gauge working drophead buckeye couplings.

After extensive research, design and testing, we are now proud to offer these for sale.

If you'd like to watch a video all about these couplings and how to use them, click HERE.

To view our listing for the 'L-Brackets' (seen in the video below), click HERE.

Tutorial Video


£12.50 per pair, with 10% off when buying 5+ pairs

To qualify for 10% off, simply add 5 or more pairs to your basket and the discount will be automatically applied.


Super-fine detailing

Die-cast construction

Chemically blackened

Working drophead function - prototypically operated via a lift and drop method

Sprung loaded

Will fit most RTR and kit-built stock through the buffer beam coupling eye

Sprung-loaded knuckle tongue

Adjustable length via pin slots in the drawbar

Will operate on Peco 2nd Radius curves

Sale Includes

One pair of couplings, built and ready to fit.

Why Would I Need These Couplings?

When we ventured into the world of O gauge, and especially the manufacturing world of O gauge, it became very apparent to us that there were vast amounts of different couplings used by many modellers and manufacturers alike.

In OO, most brands have standardised and adhere to the hook and lift coupling system, but as O gauge is that bit bigger, both without a current 'standardised' coupling and with greater scope to create something closer to the real-life article, we thought we were in the perfect position to have our say!

After a huge amount of feedback online, at shows, over the phone, and in the showroom, it was very clear to us what most wanted... a Working Drophead Buckeye Coupling. So that's what we started working on.

At this stage, if you're wondering why one of our Working Drophead Buckeye Couplings (or Drophead Buckeyes for short) would be applicable to you, here are a few reasons:

a. In the 'drop' position you can use the hook with link couplings (eg loco and wagon couplings) - removing the need to replace said coupling with another link or hook-type coupling

b. In the 'Buckeye' position, they will 'push' couple to one another, alongside most other brands of Buckeye couplings

c. They're designed to fit through and work with most slots in buffers beams, with the idea that they are then set at prototypically correct heights

d. They're working replicas of real-life articles, so they're perfect if you're after the ultimate level of detail and realism

e. They're very strong and will work and couple on Peco 2nd radius curves and above

f. They're built with three slots in the back to adjust the length of the coupling, making them suitable for various vehicles

g. Finally, they're the perfect replacement for a fidget spinner... if you don't want to fit them to your stock!

Postage & Dispatch

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Find out more about this project

Find out more about this project