Ellis Clark Trains E6001 Pair of Coupling Adaptor Plates for Drophead Buckeye Couplings


These L-shaped adaptor plates have been designed and made for use with our Working Drophead Buckeye Couplings (click HERE to view these).

They are perfectly suited to the Darstaed Thompson coaches and replace the Kadee coupling with our working Drophead Buckeye Couplings (sold separately).

These are supplied pre-painted with pre-drilled screw holes.

Although some modelling may be required to fit to other branded models, the hole in which the coupling shaft fits through is designed to allow enough side-to-side swing to work on Peco 2nd radius curves and larger.


Length (front to back): 13.6mm

Front Height: 7.3mm

Width: 15.1mm


Brand new

Sale Includes

1 x adaptor plate


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