DCC Concepts O Gauge DCM-RRO-6 Rolling Road - 6 Axle

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DCC Concepts O Gauge DCM-RRO-6 Rolling Road - 6 Axle

Reference: DCM-RRO.6

Installation and use

DCCconcepts Rolling Road works well with AC, DC & DCC operation.

O scale locos come with varying wheelbases, and it can be hard to hold them and adjust roller spacing at the same time. so we were careful to make this easy for you.

Every Roller set contains a strong Neodymium magnet to hold it in place while allowing easy adjustment.
To give the magnets something to work with, also included are some etched “magnetic plates” to secure to the track. (These have been etched to represent wooden planks so you can install them on your layout)

Simply secure these plates in an appropriate position on the top of the sleepers and between the rails. We recommend using silicone or a contact-type adhesive.

Once the plates are secured, place the Roller sets over them at an appropriate spacings and connect the track power. The Roller sets will collect power directly from the rails so you are now ready to go.

Place your locomotive on top of the Roller sets and control it as if it was on the track. It will operate in place allowing examination for service, careful adjustment of decoder set-up or running in of a new Loco.

Service and Maintenance

Keep the track area that will be used with your rolling road clean so that it can transfer the power reliably.

DCCconcepts Roller sets have been gold plated, so they will never tarnish and always conduct power reliably. (Please do not use abrasive cleaners. A quick wipe with cleaning alcohol or similar is all that will ever be needed)

The stainless-steel roller-bearings are pre-lubricated but you can of course add a little fine oil if you wish.


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