Darstaed D4-40 Finescale O Gauge Pair of Brass Painted Destination Coach Boards

A pair of brass painted coach destination boards (one for each side of your carriage), designed to be used with our Darstaed Thompson coaches.

We have a large range of different destinations/train names in either crimson with cream writing, or white with black writing.

Within the pair, you will receive one name board with the destination and one for the name of the train.

Simply use the drop-down arrows to first choose your selected finish, and then your chosen boards.

Which finish to purchase

White with black lettering, for use on coaches in simulated Teak (1946 - 52/3)

Crimson with cream lettering, for use on coaches painted in Crimson & Cream (1949 - 1956), or lined maroon (1956 onwards)





Find out more about this project

Find out more about this project