US Hobbies/KTM Finescale O gauge 4-8-4 Locomotive No. 843 in Union Pacific Black

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Union Pacific No.843 is in the American parlance a 'FEF-3', or 'Four-Eight-Four'. Built by the Alco Locomotive Works for Union Pacific in 1944 the loco was used for both passenger and freight surviving until withdrawn in 1957.  The model here by KTM is in overall excellent condition and despite its length and size will negotiate curves down to six feet radius.

Fact File

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Finescale O Gauge



Drive Train

Factory Fitted Motor & Gearbox



Build Standard

Factory Built

Paint Standard

Factory Painted

Model Condition


Box Condition

ECT Foam Lined Loco Box

Condition Description

In overall excellent condition with some very minor wear and chip marks to the tender and to the tender chassis. The loco has just one Kadee coupling fitted on the tender, and a forward working light

Track Test

Excellent/Smooth Runner (at low, medium & high speeds)

Test Results

Tested on Peco track including six feet radius curves


Brass Construction Cab Detailing Chassis Compensation Sprung Couplings Directional Lighting