Darstaed D31-22 7mm Finescale O Gauge Bogie Tanker, Pre-War 'Golden Fleece'

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In stock and ready to ship is one of the popular and appealing Darstaed bogie tankers, ready to run and fitted with Slaters' finescale wheels and brass bearings.

These wagons are available in a range of pre and post-war liveries, with a 'bulk buy' discount available (£200 for 4 bogie tankers). To view this bulk buy offer, click HERE.

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Slaters finescale wheels and brass bearings

Die-cast chassis

Sprung compensated bogies

Sprung buffers and sprung 3-link couplings

Satin finish

Prototypical spoke or disc wheels

We can offer a weathering/numbering service on all Darstaed Mk1 coaches. To view pricing information and available options please visit the website byclicking here.