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Darstaed Finescale O Gauge BR Mk1 57' BG, Departmental Yellow, Custom Numbered 'ADB977155QRV' Weathered

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Due to popular demand, we currently have available and available for immediate dispatch 1 Departmental BG, weathered and detailed by our very own Neil Armitage

Below is a further description:

One of the award winning Darstaed Mk1 57' BG coaches, pre-numbered and weathered in-house by Neil Armitage.

The custom weathering is what we would deem 'medium' and includes body side weathering, chassis weathering, oil marks around axle boxes, rust effect to bogies, brakes, wheels etc, buffer marking and light weathering to the roof

Our reference: ECT445-003


Brass sides

Die-cast bogies

Interior detailing with working lights

Sprung buffers and Kadee couplings at both ends 

Removable gangway shields

Professionally numbered and weathered

Tail lamp added at one end 



Sale Includes

Supplied in original box with paperwork


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