Kohs and Company Finescale O Gauge Union Pacific 4-12-2 '9048'

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Kohs and Company Finescale O Gauge Union Pacific 4-12-2 '9048'


A truly remarkable model, incredibly scarce and hard to find. This particular model is built from brass by SJ Models for Kohs and Company, and comes complete in it's original foam-lined box with all paperwork.

This particular model is No. 48 of 100


• Fully Equalized and Sprung Suspension with Real Leaf Springs
• Dual Enhanced Pittman Ball-Bearing Motors
• User controlled Electronically Operated Valve Gear Mechanism
• Ball-Bearing Equipped Bearing and Journal Boxes
• Ball-Bearing equipped Main & Side Rods
• Ball-Bearing Equipped Custom Drive Mechanisms
• Nickel Silver Rods and Valve Gear
• All Hatches and Compartments open to show Full Interior Detail
• Full Cab Interior Detail with Wooden liner
• Brass Bezels and Lenses on Backhead Gauges
• Full Under-Body Detail on Locomotive & Tender
• Stainless Tires on all Wheel Sets

Fact File

Our Ref



Finescale O Gauge


Kohs & Company

Drive Train

Factory Fitted Motor & Gearbox


The model has a unique DCC system located in the tender, alongside a 9V battery. Unfortunately - we're unable to get this working.

Model Condition

Near Mint

Box Condition


Condition Description

The locomotive is in very near mint condition and appears to have only been lightly run. The two minor discrepancies are that the two water filler caps and chains located to the front of the loco are loose, but in a bag - with one completely missing towards the cab end. The box is in excellent condition with some shelf ware and includes original paperwork.

Track Test

Good Overall Runner | Please See Notes

Test Results

On DC, the loco is an excellent smooth running model. Unfortunately, we are unable to get the battery assisted DCC system working

Accessories Included

Full Instructions and Certificate


Brass Construction Cab Detailing Chassis Compensation Realistic Coal