Darstaed D4-50 Finescale O Gauge Pair of Gresley LNER 8' 0" Heavy Bogies with Brass Bearings


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This listing is for a pair of D4-50 8' 0" Heavy Bogies, fitted with ball bearings


The price for a pair of bogies on their own is £55 when fitted with brass bearings, or £35 for pairs with standard brass bearings.

Multi-buy deal

We're also offering 10% off for buying 5 or more pairs, which you can use with any combination of LNER bogie types across the brass bearing and ball bearing range.

These are the Darstead LNER bogie pairs we have available:

D4-50 8' 0" Heavy Bogies, fitted with ball bearings

D4-51 8' 6" Light Bogies, fitted with ball bearings

D4-52 8' 6" Heavy Bogies, fitted with ball bearings

D4-50X 8' 0" Heavy Bogies, fitted with ball bearings

D4-51X 8' 6" Light Bogies, fitted with ball bearings

D4-52X 8' 6" Heavy Bogies, fitted with ball bearings

Why would I need bogies fitted with ball bearings?

We introduced these bogies to complement the Darstaed range of Thompson coaches for two reasons.

Firstly, The Darstaed Thompsons are built with brass sides, die-cast bogies and fully detailed interiors with brass luggage racks, seating and working lighting. This, in turn, resulted in the coaches weighing more than coaches made mostly of plastic.

Secondly, across all liveries we offer 68 different coach types, including catering vehicles and full brakes, enabling you to run large prototypical trains.

The implementation of ball bearings reduces the friction by such a large amount that we have had small 0-6-0 locos hauling a full 11-coach Elizabethan train!

We, therefore, decided to offer bogies with ball bearings both as a standalone item and as an upgrade service to off-the-shelf Thompsons (The upgrade service can be found by clicking HERE).

If you're wondering whether to go for standard brass bearings or upgraded ball bearings, we recommend the latter for rakes of 6 coaches or above (if being hauled by a large diesel or tender locomotive with decent traction and pulling power).

If you're still unsure, please contact us for some down-to-earth advice.


Super detailed die-cast construction, with plastic brake rod detailing

High-quality Japanese bearings

Tilt suspension

Axle box detailing

Turned brass wheels, chemically blackened

Fully assembled and supplied in packaging

Project Updates

As there are constant updates to any upcoming release, we have created a dedicated page for each project.

To view the Thompson project page and to view all the latest info, release dates and history, click HERE

Our reference: D24-A01

Find out more about this project

Find out more about this project