Darstaed Thompson Roller Ball Bearing Bogie Upgrade (S2000)


This listing is for use with any Darstaed Thompson coach you would like us to upgrade the bogies to have roller ball bearings.

Please note: This is an upgrade service we do in-house and does require careful changing of the pick-ups, and wiring to the PCBs. Because of this, it does go on our weathering/customising worksheet which currently has a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Our Reference Code: S2000


1. Decide how many coaches you would like to have upgraded and in the quantity box, change it to your desired number.

2. Add this to the basket along with the coaches you would like to have upgraded

3. Once the order comes through, the coach (or coaches) will go to one of our technicians who replace the bogies on the coach. Please note, there is a 1 - 5 day lead time for this service. If you would also like to keep the original bogies, there is a £35 surcharge per pair.


Super detailed die-cast construction, with plastic brake rod detailing

High-quality Japanese bearings

Tilt suspension

Axle box detailing

Turned brass wheels, chemically blackened

Project Updates

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Find out more about this project

Find out more about this project