Darstaed D24-2-01A Finescale O Gauge LNER/BR Thompson Mainline TK (Third Class) Coach, Crimson & Cream 'E1434E'

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Fact File

Price: £229 each (or £249 each with roller ball bearings)

Multi-buy Prices:

3-7 Coaches = £225 each (or £245 each with roller ball bearings)

8+ Coaches = £220 each (or £240 each with roller ball bearings)

To have multi-buy prices applied you can either:

1. Purchase your coaches through one of our bundles (click HERE to be taken to the 'bundles' page)

2. Call us on 01756 701451 and we can put the order through over the phone for you, or

3. Purchase your coaches as normal and we will partially refund the difference owing to you within 1 - 2 business days.


Finely detailed brass sides - hand painted

Brass luggage racks

Fully detailed die-cast under-frame

Super detailed interiors with lights

Compensated die-cast bogies

Separately fitted door hinges

Magnetic-coupling corridor connections

Kadee couplings fitted as standard - link couplings available separately

Capable of running on 2nd Radius Curves

Sprung metal buffers

Brake ends and full brakes with detachable working (plug-in) rear light

Sheet of prototypical running numbers for you to apply as you see fit

Destination board brackets for easy fitting of 'slot-in' destination boards (sold separately)

Chemically blackened wheels

Upgraded Bogies: We now offer the option to upgrade any coach with bogies factory fitted with ball bearings. The upgrade cost per coach is £20, although they can be purchased as a standalone pair of bogies for £55 per pair.

To have your coach fitted by us with roller ball bearings, simply click HERE to be taken to the upgrade page and follow the on-screen instructions.

Destination Boards: We also have available a large range of painted brass destination boards which simply slot into the brackets on the roofs. To view available destinations and train names, click HERE.

Coach Types - For a full break down of all the coaches we are producing, click HERE

History, Info & Updates: We've made a handy blog post for this project which will give you a little bite-size history, info & continuous updates on the project. To view this page, click HERE.

Not sure What to Buy? Call us or take a look at some sample formations we have created on the 'Thompson Project Page', or click HERE.

Customising Services

We offer a bespoke weathering/detailing service on all Darstaed coaches. 

To add weathering or detailing click HERE and follow the instructions on the listing.

Alternatively, you can purchase your coaches and email your requirements (we will take the payment for weathering/detailing upon completion) or call the office via the contact section of the website.

Postage & Dispatch

For Postage and dispatch information, please see the 'Postage' page listed under the information section of our website, or click HERE.

You can also make use of our 'postage calculator' by simply adding any products you may be interested in to your basket. You can then click on the 'cart' icon at the top right hand side of the page, enter your post/zip code and country, and this will present a postage cost. Alternatively, a pop-up will be displayed down the right hand side of the page, which will also display the postage cost.